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Scalinata di San GiacomoCaltagirone, center of about 39000 inhabitants, rises at 611 meters on an Erei mountain top, at the center of Sicily. The very ancient source of the town is testified by numismatic and artistic finds and documents which reveal it as one of the numerous sicane towns or Sicilian or greek - sicule. In the area about the town were also found Greek and Sicilian currencies, besides the rich ceramic and metal material which is at Archeological Museum of Siracusa, the Civic museums and Ceramid Museum of Caltagirone.
Between the numerous demonstrations, religious and not, of baroque and scenographic character which take place in Caltagirone, we can mentioned: "the Infiorata stair", prepared the penultimate Sunday of May and characterized by a big realized drawing with flowery vases along the 142 steps of the S Stair. Maria of Monte in honour of the Condomini Madonna celebrates on May 31st with the "Rusedda", procession which the Sicilian wagons and the adorned tractors participate; the Patronum Feast of Saint Giacomo, on July 25th, which is the religious most important holiday of the town, with solemn mass, procession and historical procession of Senate Civic in eighteenth-century customs; the historical Evocation of the entry of Sir Roger the Norman in Caltagirone, with which an incisive event remembers for history of the Island and City, bound at the end of the Arab rule and to the coming of the Norman one; the Light stair, which realizes the July 24th and 25th disposing along the S stair. Maria of Monte, town symbol, according to a drawing which changes every time, about 4.000 cylinders made of paper coloured with oil which lit in the night darkness oil lamps form a quavery light carpet; on Christmas, when Caltagirone becomes the "crib town", with preparations of cribs made of ceramics in the shops and shows in which cribs of terracotta of modern production and past teachers are exposed.