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Ceramic museum
Museo della Ceramica
The museum finds inside a building some years Cinquanta. The building in 1965, after interventions of refitting and of museale preparation, is inaugurated as seat of  Institution.
The entry to the museum which one accesses from a nineteenth-century porch which does from crowning to the so-called "Teatrino" (a belvedere realized in 18th century on project of Bonaiuto), scenographic architectural structure established by a steps sequence with ceramic decorations is especially striking.
The museum shows the historical ceramic production through the collection of handmade articles coming from all Sicily in the island, from the prehistory up to the beginnings of the nine a hundred, with special reference to the handmade articles of Caltagirone.
In Caltagirone in fact, ceramic manufacture seat, they've news since the period of the Muslim island conquest. Through the centuries the town kept on being blooming production center and today is still one of the main references of the ceramic art in Italy.
The collections. I manufatti esposti provengono in gran parte dal locale Museo Civico e dalle raccolte appartenenti all'Istituto Statale d'Arte per la Ceramica "Luigi Sturzo”, ma vi sono anche materiali concessi in deposito da altri musei regionali siciliani ed ancora la pregevole collezione Russo Perez, acquistata dalla Regione Siciliana alla fine degli anni '50.

Regional Museum of the Ceramic
Caltagirone (Catania), via Roma, Public Garden
Tel. +39 933 21680
Fax +39 933 26972

Visits: every day from 9 to 18:30.

SERVICES: Audio-visual media, illustrative material sale, photograph is forbidden