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Ragusa Ibla
Ragusa IblaRagusa is a city from the very ancient origins whose original center, Ibla, rises to an about 500 meter height. The new part of the town, built between 18th and 19th centuries in the places called Patro, is placed, instead, to a height of placed to a 600 meter height.
Ragusa and Ibla, these the names of the two inhabited centers which still rise the one in front of the other one, they remerged after a few historical events, then to separate them and definitively meet in the 1926, when Ragusa also became province chief town.
The historical quarter in Ragusa, despite spending some centuries, preserved intact its glamour and its art which owes, paradoxically, everything to the upheaval of 1693.
Ibla succeeded to rise again from the fearful earthquake which folded in two the slow Val of Noto and its architecture baroque and rococo arises from a prodigious and wise rebuilding. Bulwark of the architectural revival, the master builder Rosario Gagliardi, author of Duomo of San Giorgio.
Besides the baroque one, however, Ibla has to be offered  to its visitors: the silence of narrow streets, the glamour of the gardens which appear themselves on the flourishing valley of River Irminio, the fascinating light of the luminous courtyards, the majestic visions of the palaces belonged to the nobility of a time.