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Roman villa of Casale
Mosaici Villa del Casale
At about 3 km. to south-west of Piazza Armerina, we find the monumental complex of Romana Villa of Casale. It is a luxury residence, recognized recently by the UNESCO and inserted in the "Human Inheritage". 
In the years twenty, thirty and forty of last century the first inspections were made and with the 1950s excavations when all the monument was put in light in total way. The villa late-romana, totally put by now in light has its definite planimetry consisting in four salt groups with tunnels thermal, peristilii, courts and environments: it is rather a magnificent complex of buildings a pleasant movement of sinuosities, differences of level, esedre, steps and asymmetries which were obeying more appears in than to an organicity criterion to that of the specific function. 
The villa, with his over 3.500 sq.m. of mosaic floors, offers us the most extraordinary and wide well-known mosaic decoration text what, for complexity of the iconographic device doesn't neither find comparisons in the big group of the mosaics of the Tunisian Roman villas.